Edmonton Newborn Photographer {Baby Lincoln} Sneak Peek

The summer of adorable newborns continues. I have had the pleasure of photographing more newborns this summer than I ever have, and I just seem to fall more in love with these sessions every time.  There is just something about the love that surrounds a newborn that I just find intoxicating, and because all of my newborn sessions are done on location in my newborn families homes, families are always so relaxed, making the sessions seem really effortless the more I do them.

This session might be one of my favorites of all time. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the most gorgeous family in a beautiful light filled home. Little Lincoln was a surprise baby boy, so we promptly took him out of the pink blanket he was in and wrapped him up in a blue one. Big sister Jemma proudly showed me her big girl room and her favorite stuffies, one of which made his appearance in some shots because, why not? Sometimes those stuffies are really part of the family. Mom, who looked absolutely stunning after having a baby just 5 days earlier, had the cutest ideas for some sibling shots in Lincoln's nursery, and it really turned into the sweetest moment when Jemma read her baby brother a few stories in the cute little canvas tent. After some lifestyle family shots, Lincoln was a dream for me when it was time for his posed shots, so curled up and sleepy. I seriously didn't want to go home. Jill and James, thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home to capture this special time. Wishing you all the best as a family of four. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton & Area Extended Family Photographer {Miller Family} Sneak Peek

Wow, can you believe how fast this summer is flying by? I think I am finally catching up somewhat after a very busy June and July, just in time for my busiest time of the year to kick off in a couple weeks. Looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces this fall.

There is just something I absolutely love about extended family sessions. Maybe it is because I can envision what my life might be like in 20 years when my children are grown and I hopefully have some grand babies to love. Maybe is it because I get to witness and capture ever lasting love that has stood the test of time and all the ups and downs that come with raising a family, something I can truly admire as a parent. Maybe it's just the way a husband and wife look at each other after so many years, or how sweet their little grand babies look on their laps. Whatever it is, I am starting to really love these sessions.

I have gotten to know this family a little bit as we have mutual family connections, so I was happy when they approached me to have them do their family photos as a gift to their mom on Mother's Day. We all met at Chickakoo Lake after it looked like it might rain all day! Luckily the skies literally parted over our location and we had gorgeous light to make up for the muddy paths. We ended the session with an exciting announcement about a new baby due this winter, so much excitement to come for this family later this year. Miller family, thank you so much for the wonderful session, wishing you all the very best. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton & Area Family Photographer {Tebb Family} Sneak Peek

A little fact  about me that not everyone might know - I love to travel across this beautiful province and I am happy to photograph you anywhere in Alberta. We have such a gorgeous province and I absolutely love a change of scenery every once in awhile.

I met this gorgeous family in a place they call their second home just over an hour west of Edmonton. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous location backing onto a trestle bridge, pond and golf course. We had a beautiful sunny evening to work with so I started off the session grabbing a silhouette on the top of the hill. To say this family was easy to photograph would be a complete understatement. They all we so natural in front of the camera, even the littlest one who didn't have the best pre-photoshoot nap, and they looked absolutely stunning in their pops of greens and blues. T & R, thank you so much for the fun session, it was such a pleasure to capture these memories for you. Wishing you all the best. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton & Area Milestone Photographer {Evan First Birthday} Sneak Peek

Ok, I am officially in love with outdoor cake smashes. There is something just so sweet about a baby digging into a cake out in nature with birds and squirrels chirping in the background; there is something so Bambi about them..my favorite Disney movie by the way. I wish I could offer these all year long, but May to October (if we are lucky) will be the only time I can shoot them. I have temporarily stopped doing indoor/on location cake smashes until January 2018 (except for families who have already booked a 2017 cake smash session) when I hope to have my home studio ready to go. I am planning on doing posed newborn mini sessions as well as milestone sessions up to the age of one in my home studio - I am so excited to release details later this year.

I met this adorable family earlier this summer for a lifestyle session in their home. I would love to take credit for this adorable set up, but mom Brianne brought most of the props and picked the sweet Spruce Grove location. If you remember how gorgeous their home was decorated from their lifestyle session sneak peek, you would understand, this family has some seriously Pinterest worthy style. Little Evan wasn't too into his cake, but had lots of fun dipping his toes in and knocking it over a couple times. Hopefully when he turns one in a couple weeks he will have found his sweet tooth. Brianne and Dave, thanks so much for having me capture this special milestone. Wishing you all the best with a little one year old running around the house soon. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton & Area Newborn Photographer {Baby Arianna} Sneak Peek

I met this beautiful family on a gorgeous summer day a couple of weeks ago now. When I arrived Grandma was busy chasing around big brother Matthias and mom was feeding little Arianna while dad finished getting everything ready, a typical morning when there is a new baby. Little Arianna arrived at a very busy time as her aunt was to be married the coming weekend. Such a joyous time for the whole family.

Once everyone was ready to go we hopped onto the master bed for some family shots. Matthias was so sweet and gentle with his new sister, and so full of smiles for me. Little Arianna drifted off to sleep just in time for some shots with mom and dad and on her own. We got through the first few posed shots of her and then that was enough for this little lady. You never know if baby will last a whole session after one feed, or need to be fed a few times to settle, which is why I always allow 2-3 hours for my newborn sessions. In the end we got some sweet shots of mom and Arianna in her gorgeous nursery and memories I hope that this family will cherish for years to come. Michael and Amanda, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to photograph this special time. Wishing you all the best as a family of four. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton Newborn Photographer {Baby Ryder} Sneak Peek

Wow was July ever a month of adorable babies. I had to go back and make sure I wasn't going in the wrong order of sneak peeks, because it seemed like I was doing a newborn session daily earlier this month. I appreciate everyone's patience waiting for their sneak peeks and galleries as summer is so busy with kids in camps and swimming lessons, birthdays, trips, and later bed times! Other than working all night it's hard to stay caught up!

Little Ryder was sound asleep when I arrived for his session, and big brother Bodie was too, so I worked a little bit backwards and started the session with his posed shots. I was so moved when the family asked if I would photograph Ryder with his late grandfather's hat; I love incorporating things that are meaningful to your family into my sessions. He looked so peaceful and tiny under that hat. After big brother woke up I made sure to give him a little bit of time getting used to me and my big camera, then moved onto some family shots. For a busy little 19 month old, Bodie did so well, such a sweet little guy. Even the family dog Digger made a photo op. Ashleigh and Shane thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture this special time with your boys. Wishing you all the best as a family of four. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton Newborn & Family Photographer {1K Session Giveaway}

Every morning after quick cup of coffee I always take half an hour to check my email and Facebook notifications. I was delighted earlier this week when I got notified that I had 1000 Facebook followers. This may not seem like a significant milestone, but seeing as I launched my business on my Facebook page, this was a goal that I hoped to reach one day. 

I am so lucky to get to do a job that I am absolutely passionate about and I have all of the amazing families that I have photographed these past couple years to thank. All of your likes, shares, comments, tags, recommendations and reviews are a big reason why I am living the dream of running a successful photography business. Being your family photographer means so much to me and I love having this milestone as a reason to give something back to you. 

Enter below to win a 2o18 session of your choice! Expecting a new baby, you can pick a newborn session. Time for updated family photos, maybe a summer family session. I couldn't decide on what to giveaway, so you get to choose. Thank you all of your amazing support. Keep liking, commenting, sharing and tagging away! Good luck! {K}

Edmonton & Area Newborn Photographer {Baby Makenna} Sneak Peek

Is it just me or is this summer flying by way too fast? I didn't really hit me until my daughter asked me how many days it was until her birthday and I realized it is only 2 weeks away - 2 weeks and my oldest daughter turns 8. Talk about time flying. 

I had the pleasure of photographing the newest addition to this family a couple weeks ago. Sweet little Makenna joins big brother Haestin who was to turn 2 the day after our session. Little Makenna was wide awake most of our session, but would close her eyes just long enough for me to get some sleepy shots.  Haestin was so sweet with her, full of kisses and cuddles for his new sister. I found out that this family is from the same small Alberta town as my husband, Peace River, so it was cool to chat about some of the common people we knew, even if they didn't recognize my husband's name;  small world we live in. Josee and Dustin, thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home to capture this special time. Wishing you all the best as a family of four. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton & Area Extended Family Photographer Sneak Peek

This summer has been so busy that I am way behind on my blog posts, so thank you to everyone patiently waiting for their sneak peeks. Hopefully if this rainy weather continues I can get closer and closer to being all caught up.

I met this wonderful family for a fun family session a few weeks ago on a gorgeous July night. Grandparents recently located from Ontario to be closer to grandson Cole and family, so it was the perfect time for a session to celebrate everyone being together! Little Cole had us all on our toes most of the session, but what 2 year old wants to stay still for one second ever! Luckily I was able to capture some sweet candid moments and smiles that I hope this family will cherish for years to come. Thank you all for having me photograph your fun loving family, it was fun! Wishing you all the best. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton Newborn Photographer {Baby Lyla} Sneak Peek

Wow, babies, babies and more babies. Just like May was, July has been a very busy month for me when it comes to newborn sessions. I only take on 4-5 newborn sessions a month (2-3 in the fall) but it never fails - even if due dates are spread apart, babies always arrive within days of each other. If you are thinking about booking a newborn session for anytime this year, I would highly recommend booking very soon as those spots fill up quickly.

I met this sweet family earlier this summer for Jasmine's maternity session. The babies gender was a surprise, so I was so excited to hear that she had a baby girl to join big sister Camille; there is just something special about the bond between sisters. We started the session with big brother Oliver giving his baby sister a bottle; such a sweet candid moment. After some family shots I got little Lyla all to myself, and she was a absolute dream. I could wrap, unwrap, tuck here and there and she stayed fast asleep the whole time, such a little doll. Jasmine and Neil, thank you so much for having me photograph this special time for your family. Wishing you all the very best as a family of 5. Enjoy. {K}