My Road to Here

My love of photography began nearly 15 years ago when I was a 17 year old journalism student spending all my spare time in a dark room developing my classmate's photos. My favorite class was photojournalism and this class landed me my first camera - a Canon that would forever make me a Canon girl. I never obtained a journalism degree, but what I took away from my one year has brought me to where I am today.

Fast forward to 2009. After my first daughter was born in August of the same year, I upgraded to my first DRSLR, a Canon Rebel T2I. I was shooting every waking moment of every day, catching every milestone and every sweet moment of my baby's first year. By 2010 I had taken some workshops to improve my photography, bought a "nifty fifty" and was shooting in manual mode. 

The years that followed are a blur. Working full time as a marketing professional, balancing work, family and adding two more baby girls to our family. After my second daughter was born, a weekly photo project got me back into photography and I really improved my composition and editing skills. A family trip to Disneyland had me take about 10,000 photos in 2013. I would spend hours sorting, organizing and editing our family photos and found any opportunity for a photo op - I just loved to do it. Starting a photography business started to sneak into the back of my mind by the end of 2013 but life was just too busy.

May 7, 2014 I became a mom of three and knew that a career change was in order. I needed to do something that I really enjoyed and had a passion for and that would let me have more time with my girls, because being a mom is my first priority. When a dear friend approached me to photographer her first baby boy, I got the final push I needed to put myself out there and share my love of photography with the world. I spent the rest of the year building up my portfolio with the help of several generous families that I will forever be thankful for. Not only was I able to build a portfolio full of smiling families, pregnant bellies and sweet newborn babies, but I was able to gain confidence in my photography that was holding me back in the past. 

In these photos you can't see it, but I was a nervous wreck standing behind the camera. I hosted three days of complimentary mini sessions in late September/early October; no better way to see if you are ready to make the jump into professional photography than scheduling six families in 30 minute time slots over the course of one day. Today I have more lovely clients than I could ever have imagined and I am so excited to share the rest of my journey here with you. 

I won't promise a daily blog post, I am a realist, I just won't have the time; but I love to write, so when my mind won't go to sleep you can count on finding me here. Thanks for stopping by. K.