Edmonton Lifestyle Family Photographer {Click Away 2016} Renewed and Inspired

This past weekend I travelled to Seattle to take in my first Click Away, an amazing conference that celebrates women, and for the most part mom photographers, and provides three days of immense knowledge from some of the most talented photographers from around the world. To say I came away inspired would be an understatement. I learned so many technical things that I can't wait to incorporate into my sessions, but most of all I left with a renewed focus on my photography business and what I need to do make sure that I can continue to do this job I love and deliver the best experience to all the families I am lucky to meet.

My renewed focus really has me thinking what is it I love to do, and what am I best at? I have always loved capturing the authentic - connections, love, the real you and your real family. When I go back and look at all of the photos I have taken the ones that I love the most aren't the posed, smile at the camera moments, but ones like a mother breathing in her sweet baby, families smiling and laughing together, the candid moments that are truly a moment in time. I love coming into your homes and seeing how your family ticks and acting as a keeper of memories for you, not just the smiles, but all the in betweens. I love seeing a way a mother holds her child close, or how a dad makes his kids laugh. The photos I take should never be about me and my vision, it should all be you, the real you, your family, not me.

Will I continue to guide you through sessions, absolutely, but will I take a step back and let your family shine for who they really are and in turn give you photos that aren't just pretty but that make you feel something? Truly do my job as a keeper of your precious memories? The answer is yes and I can't wait to dive into my sessions with this renewed sense of focus and purpose and give you photos that will truly mean something to you. 

I'll end with some of my favorite moments in Seattle.