Where has the year gone ?

Growing up I remember years seemed like decades and days were never ending. That all changed when I fell in love and eventually started a family. But a year has never flown by like this one. My last baby girl, Miss Avery, will be 10 months old next week and one in a short couple of months. Where did the year go? I promised to cherish every bit of her being a baby, not dwell on sleepless nights and not rush her into all the milestones babies reach in their first year; she still isn't crawling and that is fine with me. But the year still flew by and she is still growing up way too fast for this mama. Having launched my photography business when she was four months old I can at least say that I have captured many fleeing moments and stages through my lens. This past week we had extra fun in front of the camera when I had some new backdrops I wanted to test out. My husband baked a confetti cake, the big kids helped decorate it, and then Miss Avery dug in. My middle daughter would not go near her cake when we attempted a cake smash a few years ago; she's my little neat freak now; but Miss Avery did not disappoint. As you can see she completely rocked her almost 1 cake smash!

I will be offering home studio and on location Cake Smash Sessions including beautiful cakes from Triple L Cakes starting at $150 starting this spring. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for special promotions....and maybe an Avery turing 1 giveaway. 

My dear Avery, you are my little blessing. This year with you as been nothing short of amazing even if it has been very exhausting at times. You helped your mommy realize her passion for photography and gave me the push I needed to launch my business and finally start doing something I truly love {other than being your mommy}.  My little peanut stay little a little bit longer..