Edmonton Newborn Photographer {Baby Nate} Sneak Peek

A bit of a later than usual post, but my days have been filled with catching up on editing, and evenings are super popular this time of year for family sessions..the golden light I had at tonight's session was absolutely gorgeous. The leaves are falling so fast now, hope they can hold out just a couple more weeks for the brave families that booked into the end of October:)

Newborn sessions are absolutely my favorite - mostly because I get to spend 2-3 hours in my newborn families homes and really get to know about them along the way; the baby cuddles are pretty sweet too. This was the sweetest family ever and baby Nate was just a dream to photograph, I don't think he made one peep the whole time I was there. Piper, who was the baby of the house up until Nate's arrival, was loving getting her picture taken too right when I arrived, such an adorable dog! I officially need a golden doodle puppy! Dad is an engineer, so of course we had to get some nerdy book shots. Nate handled being propped up on those books so well, I think he is destined to take after his dad. Amy and Derek, thank you so much for inviting me into your beautiful home to capture this special time for you. Wishing you all the best on the amazing adventure of parenthood. Enjoy. {K}