School Portraits {Shouldn't they have personality?}

Last month I was meeting with a prospective new preschool for my daughter when after bringing up I was a photographer the preschool director asked if I would be interested in doing their school photos. While school portraiture isn't exactly my specialty, it got me thinking, shouldn't these annual snapshots be more than a cheesy backdrop and forced smile? Shouldn't these photos have some personality? I started researching school portraits on Clickin Moms (my daily go to for anything photography related) and found that there definitely is a market for a more boutique style school photography. The benefits compared to the traditional outlet include high end portraits at a fraction of the typical price for parents, and less paper work and organization for schools. Ordering can be done online, and parents are given up to 8 poses of their children truly being themselves with the option to purchase prints or digital images as well as other high end products like artisan quality canvas prints. 

In preparation for an up coming meeting with the preschool, I did some portfolio building this past week. While I am still not 100% decided on entering the school portrait market, I am not closing the door to the possibility. When was the last time you bought your child's school photos? Would these type of images be more appealing year to year? If this is something you think your child's school would be interested in, definitely feel free to pass my name on or contact me. {K}