Edmonton Newborn Photographer {Baby Alexander} Sneak Peek

Wow has it really been a whole month since my last post? Summer is always a really busy time for our family as well as my business. I have been so busy in the background shooting the most beautiful families and editing like a maniac, on top of trying to enjoy on of the 18 summers I get with my girls. I really appreciate everyones patience as I get caught up on galleries and sneak peeks. I am always very upfront with my turn around times and as much as I would love to deliver your photos to you in a matter of days and not weeks raising a family and running a successful business means making some sacrifices on both sides. 2018 family session dates are booking up so fast - THANK YOU! Remaining summer dates are $50 off and fall openings are very slim. Book your spot today, I would love to see you again or meet your beautiful family. 

I had the absolute privilege of meeting this amazing family earlier this month. On Canada Day I happened to see their story featured on Global Edmonton news - you can read more here. I was incredibly touched and reached out to them to see if I could gift them a newborn session and I was so happy when they graciously accepted. Giving has always been an important part of my life and my business and I am always so rewarded in the end, in this case I met a very special family who's story has inspired me and touched my heart. You can read more about mom Kuen's journey here, and I encourage you to. As a young woman she became a quadriplegic after a horrific car accident, but she hasn't let that stop her from living a full life. Given a very small chance of ever conceiving a baby, sweet little Alexander, affectionately known as baby Thor, was really a miracle. Kuen and Jack, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture this special time for your family. I wish you absolutely nothing but the best, it was such a pleasure to capture these precious memories for you. {K} 

Edmonton & Area CrossFit Photographer {Heather} Sneak Peek

Inspiration/inspired/inspirational are not words that I use lightly, so when I had a student in my photography class come up to me and tell me that I was an inspiration to them, I couldn't help but feel an enormous well of confidence and pride. It got me thinking a lot the last few weeks about how I got where I am today, running a successful photography business, teaching photography classes, supporting my family financially and really doing a job that I love. The truth is that I used to be the most introverted, shy, unconfident, self doubting person, someone who would never take chances, never try anything new, never take risks, always letting the fear of failure hold me back. It took me 30 years to figure out that sometimes, taking risks, stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that you never thought you could do is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. 

For me it started 3 years ago when after thinking about starting a photography business for the better part of 5 years, but always letting fear get in the way, I took a risk and booked my first clients. My whole first year in business was full of sleepless nights, self doubt and constant fear that I wasn't good enough. I constantly compared myself to others, and I greatly under valued my time and talent and basically worked for free. I honestly don't know why or when my attitude changed, but in the past year I have gotten to a place where I am more confident in myself and my business than I ever was before. I raised my prices to a sustainable level and now I book families who aren't just concerned about price, but who love and value my work too. And I took a huge step out of my comfort zone and started teaching photography classes, something that I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to do; And wow it is so rewarding being able to share my skills with others, something that I will keep doing whether it's through teaching or eventually mentoring other photographers, I have found another love and purpose. This year I am taking on the risk of opening a new home studio in my small town, and just last week I made my first huge financial decision on my own purchasing and financing a new vehicle as a business owner, something that I worked so hard for, but really never believed would happen. The point I want to make is that doing things that scare you, that take you completely out of your comfort zone, are so worth it, it really helps you grow as a person. I saw a quote this week that summed it up perfectly - "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will'' ~Karim Seddiki

I couldn't think of a more appropriate session to share with you all that ties right into the topic of inspiration, hard work and doing something that you never thought possible. My dear friend Heather, who I have only had the pleasure of knowing for the past year, approached me in the fall to photograph her at her gym - Leduc CrossFit. I have only known the Heather that you see in these photos, a strong, beautiful, hardworking mom of three. What I learned when I did this session earlier this month was that Heather had been working incredibly hard with her trainer for the past several months to not only become incredibly fit and strong but also for a normalized relationship with food and with herself. I encourage to read more about her incredible journey on her blog. Heather, you are truly an inspiration, thank you so much for having me capture this special time for you. I hope you can look at these photos and feel a great sense of pride in how far you have come. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton Newborn & family photographer {New Referral rewards}

I'll tell you a secret, running a business is scary. Two and half years ago I left a well paying stable job to become a full time photographer and business owner, and it is the scariest thing I have ever done. While I am so lucky to have an amazing husband that supports our family, we have three girls to take care of and that means I need to help provide for them. Those first six months of my photography business being my sole source of income were racked with sleepless nights and the constant worry no one would ever book me again! Yet every time I worried my email would bing and another family would come calling.  Now almost 2.5 years into my business I can finally sleep a little easier, because of all of the amazing families who not only keep coming back to me year after year, but who always pass my name on to their friends and family. You have all turned my fear into optimism, and I am so thankful to all of the amazing families who trust me to capture their precious memories while giving me the gift of always being there to create memories of my own with my family.

I am happy to announce that beginning April 1, 2017 I will be offering special referral rewards to all of the families who recommend me to their friends and family. For every family you recommend to me after April 1, 2017 that results in a booking you will receive 10% off your next session fee, or a free mini session or mini album for every 6 families that you recommend that result in a booking. So tell your friends about me and make sure they tell me that you sent them! 

My family is getting ready to move to a new home in just over a week, so I have spent the past few weeks trying to capture as much as I can of them in the house we are in now. Here is a little snap shot of the time I get to spend with my girls thanks to all of you. 


2016 {A Year in Review}

Looking back at now the year that was 2016, another year that flew by faster than ever, something that seems to happen when you run a business while raising a family. I was so blessed to capture hundreds of families this past year; first time parents, families welcoming their third or fourth baby, generations of extended families and the amazing families that I get to see every year. Hours spent with your family, in front of my camera on on my computer screen, and the rest spent with my own. If someone would have told me 2.5 years ago that I would have a job that I absolutely loved and that I would get as much time with my family that I wanted I would have laughed. Do I crave more balance, absolutely, but the early mornings, up all nights and none stop of being a mom and running my own business is worth every second because I truly love what I do, and there is always coffee when the days get too long. Looking forward to 2017, I will focus on shooting what I really love, which personally includes a weekly photo challenge that will hopefully end in me finally finishing a 2017 album for my own family. Professionally, I will stay on top of those expenses because leaving them all until the end of the month is not my idea of fun! I will work towards giving all the families that I am lucky to work with in 2017 the best photography experience possible starting with an updated website that will answer all of your questions, and finishing with more options including custom album design options once you receive your photos {that you will continue to receive as high resolution digitals}. Most of all I want to go into every session ready to get to know your family and give you meaningful photos that speak to the unique beauty of your family. To end, here are just some of my favorite shots of 2016, personal and professional. You can find more professional favorites in my updated galleries.

Wishing you all the best in 2017. Happy New Year. {K}

Edmonton Lifestyle Family Photographer {Click Away 2016} Renewed and Inspired

This past weekend I travelled to Seattle to take in my first Click Away, an amazing conference that celebrates women, and for the most part mom photographers, and provides three days of immense knowledge from some of the most talented photographers from around the world. To say I came away inspired would be an understatement. I learned so many technical things that I can't wait to incorporate into my sessions, but most of all I left with a renewed focus on my photography business and what I need to do make sure that I can continue to do this job I love and deliver the best experience to all the families I am lucky to meet.

My renewed focus really has me thinking what is it I love to do, and what am I best at? I have always loved capturing the authentic - connections, love, the real you and your real family. When I go back and look at all of the photos I have taken the ones that I love the most aren't the posed, smile at the camera moments, but ones like a mother breathing in her sweet baby, families smiling and laughing together, the candid moments that are truly a moment in time. I love coming into your homes and seeing how your family ticks and acting as a keeper of memories for you, not just the smiles, but all the in betweens. I love seeing a way a mother holds her child close, or how a dad makes his kids laugh. The photos I take should never be about me and my vision, it should all be you, the real you, your family, not me.

Will I continue to guide you through sessions, absolutely, but will I take a step back and let your family shine for who they really are and in turn give you photos that aren't just pretty but that make you feel something? Truly do my job as a keeper of your precious memories? The answer is yes and I can't wait to dive into my sessions with this renewed sense of focus and purpose and give you photos that will truly mean something to you. 

I'll end with some of my favorite moments in Seattle. 


Kelsie Kelly {Photographer} in Disneyland

After what has been an insanely busy year for our family, we were so looking forward to surprising our three girls with a trip to Disneyland during the first week of school - our favorite time to go. We spent a fun-filled 7 days between Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Parks. We enjoyed the hot sun, fast rides, delicious food and met so many princesses and characters much to delight of my girls. The quality time we got to spend together as a family though was the best part.  Sure our feet were killing us by the end of each day, and dinners usually included a few meltdowns, but Disney with three kids was more fun than we imagined and we can't wait to go back in a few years once my littlest is tall enough to join us on some rides. Here are a few of the over thousand photos I took, my favorite moments from our trip. Want some tips for your next Disney trip? Be sure to ask me at our next session together! Now looking forward to a busy fall meeting so many new faces and seeing so many friends. Enjoy. {K}

Year One

One year ago I embarked on my dream of becoming a full time photographer. Photography was always a passion of mine and I had been avidly practising for more than ten years, so I didn't ever question my ability to be a photographer, but putting yourself out there as a business is a huge step and a scary one. Luckily I started out with an incredible support system that included my amazing husband who always encourages me and so many friends and family who were willing to be the very first families that I captured as Kelsie Kelly {Photographer}. 

At the time I had a four month old baby girl (keeping me up all night) along with two older daughters, so juggling a new business and family definitely took some time to get used to. In the end though, I get to spend more time with my girls than I ever did before, and I can always put them first which makes all the hard work and late nights so worth it. 

One year later and I can happily say my business is thriving thanks to so many amazing families who have trusted me to capture their precious memories. I feel so lucky to get to do something I love and am passionate about everyday and it is all thanks to you. Thank you for your amazing support. I look forward to capturing your beautiful families for many more years to come. 

Love {K}

Edmonton Family Photographer {First Year Packages}

Being a mom to three girls I usually find myself telling my newborn clients to slow down and enjoy every minute, because once the babies come the years fly by. The truth is, no matter how hard you try to stop time you will wake up one day and your baby will be turning 7, or 15 or 20...gah. My youngest just turned 1 this past May and being my third and last baby I tried and tried to love every second, not rush her into the next milestone, but her first year went by record fast for me and just like that she wasn't my little baby anymore, she was 1 and well on her way to toddlerhood. 

This past year I have also been so lucky to meet and photograph so many families with newborns and many of them have come to me again for family sessions throughout baby's first year. I had many families inquire whether or not I offer a milestone package and I am happy to announce that yes I do. {First Year Packages} are exclusively offered to newborn clients and include four sessions over the course of one year.

Newborn Session

3 Months Mini Session (can be substituted with a maternity mini or Fresh 48 session)

6-9 Months Sitter Mini Session

1 Year Cake Smash/Family session 

Newborn sessions and 1 year sessions include 20 high res digital images, and each mini session includes 15 high res digital images. The {First Year Package} also includes a custom designed 8 X 8 heirloom quality album in your choice of linen or leather cover featuring the best images from your baby's first year, a beautiful book that will last the test of time. 

{First Year} Packages are $1800 and payments can be arranged to be made throughout the course of one year at a cost of approximately $135.00 per month. 

Please Contact me if you have any questions.


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today" {Stacia Tauscher}

School Portraits {Shouldn't they have personality?}

Last month I was meeting with a prospective new preschool for my daughter when after bringing up I was a photographer the preschool director asked if I would be interested in doing their school photos. While school portraiture isn't exactly my specialty, it got me thinking, shouldn't these annual snapshots be more than a cheesy backdrop and forced smile? Shouldn't these photos have some personality? I started researching school portraits on Clickin Moms (my daily go to for anything photography related) and found that there definitely is a market for a more boutique style school photography. The benefits compared to the traditional outlet include high end portraits at a fraction of the typical price for parents, and less paper work and organization for schools. Ordering can be done online, and parents are given up to 8 poses of their children truly being themselves with the option to purchase prints or digital images as well as other high end products like artisan quality canvas prints. 

In preparation for an up coming meeting with the preschool, I did some portfolio building this past week. While I am still not 100% decided on entering the school portrait market, I am not closing the door to the possibility. When was the last time you bought your child's school photos? Would these type of images be more appealing year to year? If this is something you think your child's school would be interested in, definitely feel free to pass my name on or contact me. {K}