2016 {A Year in Review}

Looking back at now the year that was 2016, another year that flew by faster than ever, something that seems to happen when you run a business while raising a family. I was so blessed to capture hundreds of families this past year; first time parents, families welcoming their third or fourth baby, generations of extended families and the amazing families that I get to see every year. Hours spent with your family, in front of my camera on on my computer screen, and the rest spent with my own. If someone would have told me 2.5 years ago that I would have a job that I absolutely loved and that I would get as much time with my family that I wanted I would have laughed. Do I crave more balance, absolutely, but the early mornings, up all nights and none stop of being a mom and running my own business is worth every second because I truly love what I do, and there is always coffee when the days get too long. Looking forward to 2017, I will focus on shooting what I really love, which personally includes a weekly photo challenge that will hopefully end in me finally finishing a 2017 album for my own family. Professionally, I will stay on top of those expenses because leaving them all until the end of the month is not my idea of fun! I will work towards giving all the families that I am lucky to work with in 2017 the best photography experience possible starting with an updated website that will answer all of your questions, and finishing with more options including custom album design options once you receive your photos {that you will continue to receive as high resolution digitals}. Most of all I want to go into every session ready to get to know your family and give you meaningful photos that speak to the unique beauty of your family. To end, here are just some of my favorite shots of 2016, personal and professional. You can find more professional favorites in my updated galleries.

Wishing you all the best in 2017. Happy New Year. {K}