Edmonton Graduation Photographer {Kelli} Sneak Peek

I am so lucky to have family that live in the beautiful state of Montana, and even better family that asked me to photograph their gorgeous daughter for her senior year. Earlier this month we travelled down to Montana with our three girls and spent the most fun filled days over the July 4th holiday. It was hotter than we could have imagined, about 38 degrees the whole time we were there, but nothing some visiting in the shade or jumping in a pool couldn't fix. On our last night I had the pleasure of photographing my husband's aunt's oldest daughter, who will be graduating high school this year; hard to believe she was the same age as my little Taylor the first time I met her! We took photos on a gorgeous ranch that she works at part time, then back near her home with her beloved horse. I was seriously in photography heaven! Amazing light, stunning girl, a barn and a horse, I felt like I was shooting a country star, it was awesome. Ober family, it was such an honour to capture this special time for you. Kelli you are a smart, kind and beautiful young woman and I am excited to see what the future brings for you, only good things I am sure. Auntie, I will come back anytime to capture your wonderful family again. Enjoy. {K}

Edmonton Graduation Photographer {Ashley} Sneak Peek

I was so honoured when a dear long time friend of my mom's asked me if I would like to photographer her daughter on her graduation day. My mom and Ingrid have been friends since childhood and it's amazing the different paths our lives take as we get older. I am the oldest daughter in my family and I graduated almost 15 years ago..yes I am old!  My mom's best friend's oldest daughter is just graduating this year. Amazing how even though lives can be so different, friendships can last through it all. Ashley, congratulations on achieving this milestone, you looked absolutely stunning on your graduation day. It was such a pleasure seeing you all and capturing this special time for you. Wishing you all the very best. Enjoy. {K}