In-Home Lifestyle Sessions Anytime of the Year

Come about July of every year I am swamped with emails from families looking to book fall photos. Of course fall is a beautiful season full of color and desirable temps, but it isn't the only season for family photos. I do all of my newborn sessions in the comfort of my newborn families homes, but what many of you don't know is that I offer in home lifestyle family sessions throughout the year and these are my absolute favorite sessions to shoot. Does your house have to be big or immaculate, absolutely not. Your home holds your best memories, and your most precious possessions and that alone makes any home good enough for photos. I don't just get to capture your family, but the place you call home. Imagine getting to show your children the place they grew up or how their room looked when they were little. Do you have a favorite spot to cuddle up and watch movies, or do the kids love to jump on the bed? In home lifestyle sessions are so much fun and laid back, and they give me the best opportunity to get to know your family. What you get in return are authentic photos that best showcase the unique beauty of your family. So the next time you are thinking about booking your family photos, think about having me come to you -  and take some of the stress out of getting out of the house on time for your next session or wondering if our crazy Alberta weather will hold up. Just be ready to be yourselves. To book a session or for more information on in home lifestyle sessions, please email me at