Edmonton Milestone Photographer {Alena 3 months} Sneak Peek

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to capture the first year of so many of my newborn families this year. 3 months goes by so fast, the first year goes by so fast. Each time I get to see these little ones, it just amazes me how much they've changed, and how comfortable, laid back and awake parents become compared to the first time I meet them in those first early tiring days!  The truth is the time doesn't fly by nearly as fast as it does with my own kids! Blogging a little later tonight, but I would never miss out on Friday movie night and snuggles with my girls who I know will be out with friends instead of cuddling their mama on a Friday night before I know it. 

Little Alena was full of smiles and giggles the whole time I spent with her, such a happy little girl. Brittany and Aaron, it has been wonderful getting to know you this year, looking forward to seeing more of little Alena this spring and before we know it next fall for her first birthday.

You can find more information on my First Year Packages Here.

Enjoy. {K}